2017 Property & Trust Event

  • Can a trust really protect your assets?

  • How can you obtain finance and invest in property in this market?

  • What difference does good property management make to your bottom line? 

Hi, its James Grigg at Simply Finance here with an invitation for you from our friends at Gilligan Rowe & Associates.

You are no doubt aware that property can be an excellent way to build wealth and provide for your retirement. However, the current property market, especially in Auckland, is a challenging environment for homebuyers and investors alike. House prices continue to rise and the 40% LVR rules are making it more difficult for investors to obtain finance and build their portfolios. Hard as it is for those already on the property ladder, the mountain can seem insurmountable for young people starting out. How can they even think about buying a property? Come to the 2017 Property and Trust Event, and find out.

And once you own property assets, how can you protect the wealth you are building? There are far too many horror stories of people unnecessarily losing the investments they worked so hard to gain. One of the ways to protect your assets is by using the correct structures, including trusts. However, a trust needs to be set up correctly if it is to afford the protection you seek and avoid becoming a sham.

Additionally, you need to maintain your property investments so they hold their value, as well as maximising the income you receive. Good property management is a large part of this, but there is more to it than meets the eye - you need to understand rules and regulations, maintain the property, keep good relationships with tenants, and know how to deal with problems in a constructive and efficient way.

Getting these three aspects working together - finance, structures and management - will put you one step ahead. Come to the 2017 Property and Trust Event, where you will hear experts Janet Xuccoa, Shanon Aitken and James Grigg explain how to build your property assets and protect your investments so you can create a more secure future for you and your family.

At the 2017 Property and Trust Event, you will learn:

  • What's happening with interest rates

  • What the current LVR requirements involve

  • Tips for investors when obtaining finance

  • Strategies for new investors to get onto the property ladder

  • The traps that trusts and trustees can fall into which can decimate their wealth

  • What trustees should be doing to ensure their trust doesn't become a sham

  • Pitfalls all landlords will want to avoid

  • What landlords now need to do for insurance purposes

  • Ways to get the most value from your property manager


This will be a popular event, as the speakers are leaders in their respective fields and tickets will sell quickly. We are only running this event once this year, so book now to ensure you don't miss out.



Janet heads the trust division at GRA. She is a sought-after speaker, and author of the books Family Trusts 101 and Money Secrets 101.
She will share with you:

  • Update on government policies and how they will affect you, your trust and your property investing

  • How to build wealth in a trust

  • What to do now to ensure your trust protects your assets

Janet Xuccoa, BCom LLB
Professional Trustee Services Director
Gilligan Rowe and Associates LP

James Grigg
Managing Director
Simply Finance Ltd

With nearly 20 years in the industry, James is one of New Zealand's most experienced mortgage brokers. His firm has a team of five brokers covering all facets of property finance. James is passionate about ensuring his clients maximise their wealth via property investment, and he has personally helped thousands of clients achieve their goals. James will cover:

  • The rise of second tier lenders and the advantages of using them to build your portfolio

  • Ongoing changes in credit criteria and how they are affecting investors

  • Where interest rates might be heading

  • How to make yourself more attractive to lenders in these changing times

Shanon Aitken
Business Development Manager
Crockers Property Group

Shanon is a leading property manager with Crockers. He has extensive knowledge of the Auckland property market and is a specialist on unit title and residential tenancy legislation.
Shanon's topics include:

  • Insurance changes all investors should be aware of

  • Health and safety for residential investment properties

  • Auckland suburbs and property types where rents are on the rise

The 2017 Property & Trust Event was a great success, and we would like to thank everyone who attended.

We hope the presentation gave everyone a little more knowledge and confidence about investing in property in the future. If you have any more questions or you're looking for some advice please feel free to get in touch!

Watch this space for future events that Simply Finance will be getting involved in. 

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