How long does it take to get approval?

Typically we suggest that you plan for 3 weeks, however if all your ducks are in a row then we can work with the banks to get approval within 1 week.

What do I need to supply to get approval?

There's a list of financial information that the banks require before they can make an offer.  Our online application form will guide you through what information you need to supply, but below is a summary list of what you will need at hand:

  • Current and Previous Address details

  • Current and Previous Employment details

  • Pay Slips covering the most recent 3 months

  • Other assets and income such as investment shares, rental income, personal and business assets, vehicles owned, superannuation

  • Outgoing expenses such as hire purchases, existing loans (mortgage, student loans) child support, credit card, overdrafts

  • Deposit amount

If this is a joint application the second applicant will need to supply the same information.


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